These are some photos of the people and places chronicled in Scotland is not for the Squeamish
Click the photos for larger versions.  Page numbers refer to the U.S.  hardcover edition.


Similar ML's to the one I worked on in London. (Pg.  35)

 Chris Dale. ("... I take an immediate liking to this bespectacled young jokester from Cheshire, who, like the cat in Alice in Wonderland, often disappears but leaves a smile behind.") (Pg. 203)


Jon Bjornson (helmsman, Icelandic Steamship, Fjellfoss) at the Irish memorial, Halifax, Nova Scotia. (Pg. 158)

"Do you mean there's more then one foreign language?" Jon Bjornson (Pg. 182)

Scottish Sheep waiting for a bus.

Mass grave marker, Culloden battlefield. (Pg. 95)



Off the Orkney Islands, thrilled at the thought of another trip to the Arctic Circle. "I've had it with trawling, I hate fish!" (Pg. 156)
"Winch operators, easily recognized by the stubs of long-lost fingers..." (Pg. 59)
Hauling nets (on a nice day!)
One hand for the ship - one for yourself. (Pg. 163)
Hauling up nets.
Freshening up off Iceland.
Radio shack, Steamship John Brown - the transmitter is a model ET-8024A, the receiver, an AR-8510.

Arthur's Seat on a summer evening

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh: "The Twin peaks of the sacred hill resemble a Sphinx ..." (pg. 270)


                         The dreaded ridge on Stob Ghabhar   (pg. 128) (Thanks for the photos Fraser.)

                 Black Mount ( little lochan below Stob Ghabhar)   The sheer drop to the icy mountain loch as seen from the ridge.  (pg. 129)

                       Modern day intrepids traverse the ridge in better weather than Angus and I had. 


                    I am indebted to John Thomson of Edinburgh for the following seven pictures - thanks JT.

                        The Vinney in Edinburgh - one of my auld hing oots.            (Pg. 233)



  The Bailie Bar in St. Stephen's Street - our other hing oot.  (Pg. 275)



                        The braw lads of Silly Wizard (Circa 1980)

                        Photo shoot with Silly Wizard, Mick Campbell on camera, myself on reflector board.

                        A young Johnny Cunningham busking in the Grassmarket

                       The boys in concert at The Playhouse Theater, Edinburgh playing to a packed house. 

                                                 I had a great seat - I was the lighting director.


                    Odds & Sods Section:

                        More braw lads - kilt nights at The Lake St. Garage, Minneapolis, USA

                       Thanks for the collage Keith.

                         More of Keith's handy-work!