Some of Bill's favorite Celtic sayings ...

From the Irish Gaelic:

Faghann iarraidh iarraidh eile  --  'The seeking for one thing will find another'

Tá iasg 's a Bh-fairge ni's fearr ná gabhadh a riamh  --  'there is fish in the 
sea better than ever was caught yet'

An úair a bhios an deóch a stigh, biann a chiall a muigh  --  'When drink is in, sense is out'

ól siar é agus ná lig anear é!  --  'Drink it back and don't let it up again!'

From the Welsh:

Arf glew yn ei galon  --  "A brave man's weapon is his heart'

A Welsh story-teller's introduction:  
Ni allaf ddweud ai gwir ydyw neu beidio, 
Rwy'n adrodd y chwedl fel y clywais i hi. 
'I cannot tell how the truth may be,
I tell the tale as 'twas said to me."

Being both an affectionado of languages and cats, I love this Welsh epigram:
Parchwn ei goffadwriaeth, oll ac un. Mawrygwn yr ieithmon a'r cathmon hwn o 
'Let us respect his memory, one and all; let us exalt this linguist and cat-lover from Llyn'

From Scot's Gaelic:

A' bheinn a's airde anns an tir, 
'S ann oirre a's trice a chi thu 'n ceo.

'The highest mountain in the land
Is the one on which you may see the mist'

Mar a's sine am boc is ann a's cruaidhe an adharc  --  'The older the buck - the harder the horn!'

Ma thuiteas clach leis a' ghleann
Is ann 's a' charn a stadas i. -
'If a stone falls down the glen - it's in the cairn it will rest!'


General :   

                'Organized religion - too many menus and not enough food.'