These are some photos of the people and places chronicled in A Celtic Childhood
Click the photos for larger versions.  Page numbers refer to the U.S.  hardcover edition.

And, here's a newspaper article that ran in the Limerick paper when Bill 
and Johnny Carr were playing and traveling in Ireland

                      My Welsh grandfather Sgt. Major James T. Watkins during W.W.I.
                    William McDonagh and Nelly Kelly, my Irish grandparents, Limerick 1940.

                    "My Nana, Nelly Kelly is a great feast of a woman and a joy to be with ..."  Page 74.

                    My mother during W.W.II. working in the BSA factory making machine guns.

 The view across the Shannon River from Nana's house.  (pg. 9)


Me and my long gone curls.  One-year-old birthday picture.
(pg. 10)

Enjoying a pint with my family, circa 1953 

"Mam slowly opens the parcel, putting aside the brown paper and string, and there they are, little round specs with.... Agh! Horrors! PINK RIMS!" The accursed National Health glasses.   (pg. 29)

King John's Castle, Limerick, dating from the 1200's, across the River Shannon.  (pg. 39)

The Limerick Treaty Stone of 1691, commemorating the Irish treaty with English under William of Orange, of which every article was promptly broken.  (p. 42) Pictured are the author and eldest son Danny. 


"The gray solid mass known as Wootton Hall" -- front and side views.  (pg. 51)

  The view from the front of Wootton Hall, the white building in the distant trees was my old school.  (pg. 57)


The 1956 New Year fancy-dress party, mam and dad as cowboys.  (pg. 88)

Mam belting out "I'm a rambler - I'm a gambler" with the band at the New Year party. (pg. 88)

Two views of The Bull's Head Tavern, built in 1317, a favorite haunt of my father's and where he heard the tale of the exploding fish.  (pg. 115)


Bald amongst my cousins in Limerick after dad's haircutting disaster.  (pg. 134)


The famous water pump that we got working and annoyed Grumpy.  (pg. 152)

Spooks Path, with graveyard beyond.  The route the servants took to the great hall.  (pg. 177)

Mam, Liam Og and myself outside of the Dun Cow pub where Shakespeare played coits (pg. 184)

The Celtic cross where the gangsters ambushed the wedding party.  (pg. 204)

The school playground with Mr. Bury, Mrs. MacArthur and Patricia Ryan in typical "Willy Watkins did it!" pose.  (pg. 206)

St. Mary's Cathedral Limerick, Ireland (pg. 277)

Bill in First World War officers jacket, Smiler who ran away to join
the army, Johnny Carr in bowler hat, Birmingham, circa 1967.

The author writing the first draft of A Celtic Childhood, Wisconsin 1995 (note use of pencil and Leinenkugel's beer.) (See preface.)

The Bronze age Fairy Fort near Kilrush Co. Clare. (Pg. 264)
                            Thanks to Johnny Carr for these photos.
The entrance to the underground passage. (Pg. 265)
The view from inside the vault. (Pg. 265)
The salmon weir spanning the River Shannon seen from the turrets of King John's Castle. My childhood home was one of the ones on the left. (Pg. 9)
Back in Birmingham (Trying to 'Catch the Wind' no doubt.) (Pg. 310)
Irish Passport photo (circa 1968)
                               Home, sweet, home.  (1955-1961)

           The Duttons have two caravans joined by a central verandah.  (page 76)

                              The old steamer, Princess Maud, the first vessel I sailed on.  (Pgs.  8 & 13)

                            Myself, Janet Harper and Johnny Carr, Minneapolis, USA August 2005

     Myself on guitar and Johnny Carr on mouth harp. Birmingham c.1965

    My late great mate Johnny Cunningham and myself  knocking out Seán Ui Dubhir a Ghlenna at Molly Quinn's Irish Pub, Minneapolis, MN.  (2001)