The marching song of the Peadar O' Donnell Irish Brigade, Nicaragua 1987-1991

Not a Star from the Flag Shall Fade
Bill Watkins
(Tune: The Starry Plough)

Its folds first seen over Liberty Hall
Our banner bright anew,
From Stephen's Green to GPO
Our brave Rosc Catha flew
And still it fills each heart with pride,
Both old and new brigade,
To raise the plough and take our vow -
Not a star from the flag shall fade.

Labour's cause is Ireland's cause
The row had just began
When Captain White and Connolly
First drilled the working man,
And with brave Constance Makiewicz
The I.C.A. was made
To take the fight to England's might -
Not a star from the flag shall fade.

Flown from house and hillside
Where our comrades fought and bled
Beside our noble tricolour
It shrouds our martyred dead,
From Bodenstown to Bogside
And at Milltown's last parade,
It's colours brave
At our heroes graves -
Not a star from the flag shall fade.

It guided slaves to freedom
Across the Mason-Dixon line.
Aloft in Nicaragua, It heard the bullets whine.
Marched with the Connolly Column
In the Civil War in Spain.
Flew in the face of tyranny
As yet it will again.

We''ll drink to Aphrodite
As once we drank to Mars,
As tyrants yield to its azure field
And its seven silver stars.

So comrades all, who hear my call
Look fondly on your flag.
That shall replace the old disgrace
Of England's ugly rag.
Until that day in glory fly
From every barricade.
Til Ireland's free, from sea to sea -
Not a star from the flag shall fade.