A poem in Lalland Scots for my dear friend Kathy Stewart. 

For Kathy
Bill Watkins

The Merry-Dancers course the sky
The Gloaming Star creeps oot to peek
As from the crag, my love and I 
Into the frostit heavens keek

Awa, afar the meteor glides
To blaze oot glister in the east
Aboon the land where the lassie bides
We loo the maist and see the least

You're aye amang us, Kathy dear
Nae stranger tae oor thocht an' prayer 
Yours is the song of richt guid cheer
That gladdens oor hearts all the mair

Each star bides snuggit in its nuek
Each planet glims celestial licht
We turn awa, nae mair to look
Tread weel my lass, yours is the nicht.