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Photo: Bill Watkins Bill Watkins was born in Birmingham in 1950 into a Welsh/Irish family. As a teenager he moved to "Sister Scotland," where he discovered "a country that's like Ireland but without the rules." He has made a living as a musician, maritime radio operator, theater lighting director, and film lighting gaffer. Watkins has also contributed numerous articles to Private Eye, a satirical magazine in the U.K., The Glasgow Herald, and serves as the film critic for the Irish Gazette, an Irish-American newspaper in Minneapolis/St. Paul. He lives and entertains in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is a free-lance druid and Minister of Culture at Merlins Rest Tavern. www.merlinsrest.com  

Do you have a question about Bill's books, or on any topic of Celtic culture, language, history or music? You can e-mail him:  wbillwatkins@aol.com

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