Bill Watkins -- Author, Storyteller, Poet, Musician, Historian, Folklorist

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Bill's new book, The Once and Future Celt

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 Publication date: May 28, 2008
is available from Scarletta Press and at bookshops everywhere.
6" x 9", 340 pages, softcover only.
ISBN-10: 09765201-9-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9765201-9-1

Cover price: $16.95


Scotland is Not for the Squeamish

Released October, 2000
Ruminator Press

In this, Bill Watkins second published memoir, he spins a gripping tale of adventure and mischief in Sister Scotland...
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A Celtic Childhood

Released October, 1999
Ruminator Press
This delightfully witty narrative of life in post-WWII Ireland and England is told in first person and portrays the world as only a child would see it.
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Top photo - Treaty Stone in Limerick